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S-Video / S-VHS 4-pin Din Plug Wiring Diagram

For Wiring a Scart for SVHS - see Scart Connector Pin Tables
All connectors are available from

S-Video Connection Pinout

1 GND Ground (Y) . .
2 GND Ground © . .
3 Y Intensity (Luminance) 75 Ohms 1V incl. Sync.
4 C Color (Chrominance) 75 Ohms 0.3V Burst

 View to the solder side of the male connector

S-Video Cable for Scart S-Video Input
S-Video Out TV Scart (Input)
Luminance Out (Y) 20 Luminance In
Chrominance Out (C) 15 Chrominance In
GND 4+17 GND
Audio Out L 2 Audio In L
Audio Out R 6 Audio In R